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Nike SB Go Skate Day 2013

Gold Pro Awards Winner


CLIO Sports Shortlist Winner






THE BRIEF: Collaborate with Nike to build a huge interactive experience to celebrate Go Skate Day in New York City

THE SOLUTION: We built a football field-sized skateboard park on a barge that was towed around to different locations in New York and Brooklyn. Designed by legendary skate architect Tim Payne, the park referenced many famous skate spots in New York that are no longer skateable: Brooklyn Banks, Pyramid Ledges, and others.

RESULTS: We hosted pro demos with the Nike SB team and invited skaters
from all over New York to come enjoy the park. We hosted over 3,000 skaters and spectators over the weekend. The barge was a focal point for social media communication as well as retail outreach, with skate shops all over the New York area involved in promoting the event. Photos from the event were posted live to a huge digital billboard at the corner of 34th Street and Seventh Avenue. Importantly, the park attracted kids from long distances who simply wanted a free place to skate. We built an iPad app to gather data and handle onsite registration.